The representation of an administration the way it is known in ClearFacts. Describes basic information about the company and people responsible for managing it.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • type Administration {
  • # The name of the company
  • name: String
  • # The company number. This is a number that uniquely identifies the company
  • # (equals the VAT number for VAT liable companies)
  • companyNumber: String
  • # Describes the legal form or construction (p.e. BV, VZW, ...)
  • companyType: String
  • # The known address for this company
  • address: Address
  • # E-mail addresses that are available for delivering documents by mail. These are
  • # split by type of documents that are delivered (purchase, sale, various)
  • emails: [Email]
  • # E-mail address of the person responsible for managing this administration
  • accountManager: String
  • # The slug. This is the identifier to build up the URL to specific webpage.( p.e.
  • # to specific company dashboard )
  • slug: String
  • }